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sound spot review: Louis La Roche, TO REST IS TO RUST

sound spot review: Louis La Roche, TO REST IS TO RUST

The first thing that you notice about Norwich-based DJ and Producer Louis La Roche’s new album is the title. It is a bold claim, scientific in nature and practice: TO REST IS TO RUST. Certainly, La Roche’s music is the opposite of that. A careful infusion of classic disco beats with contemporary electronic dance vibes, To Rest is to Rust is another notch in the belt of someone who refuses to stay steady when there exists plenty of material to remix and create.

Another immediately recognizable element of To Rest is to Rust is the presence of La Roche himself – his lead vocals characterize the album, as each track is lined with La Roche’s falsetto. Combined with his disco fusion techniques, and one almost thinks they’re listening to an early Daft Punk album. Instead, it is a trip through time as tracks like “Undercover Lover” with 80’s sounding synths make for a perfect accompaniment for a drive down the night highway. And if you need something lighter for those days at the beach, “Let Me Go” is equal parts summer and dance party.

To Rest is to Rust is the furthest thing from a timid debut. It is the product of a sonic discovery; carrying hints of La Roche’s earlier EP’s, such as Dusty Cassette and ComposureTo Rest is to Rust shows a clear evolution – the tracks exude a confidence of someone who is continually testing out new ground, new methods, but including many of the same signature musical twists and turns that others have come to recognize him by.

You can’t stay rusted if you’re moving, and this album is a definite testament to that. -Celene Barrera

What’s next for La Roche? Check out his recent DJ set for BBC’s Radio 1.

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sound spot: remembering whitney houston, remix style

It is two years to the day Whitney Houston, a great musical talent, left this world. But we certainly have a lot to remember her by: namely, a catalog of jammin’ tunes. In today’s technologically-fused world, things don’t always stay in the same state for very long. The same goes for music; covers and remixes are available all over the web, and though the original sounds should always be respected, it’s kind of fun seeing how others interpret the classics.

So, I present to you some of Whitney’s greatest … with a couple twists.

WHEN THE NIGHT KNOWS (Chromeo x Whitney Houston), The Hood Internet 

HOW WILL I KNOW, Oliver Nelson remix

MILLION DOLLAR BILL, Stereowaves remix 

I LEARNED FROM THE BEST, Stereowaves remix 

These last two aren’t remixes… just Whitney in all her glory.