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sound spot: v-day music for that special someone (you)

Hello ladies and gents, cats and dogs, people of the Internet world. I realize that today is a “weird” day, probably for a good number of reasons. What is Valentine’s Day, anyways? If you know your history (or how to do a Wikipedia search), you’ll find that it is the feast of Saint Valentine, and it wasn’t associated with romantic love until the 18th century. All this V-Day business we have was invented by Hallmark + giant candy companies + greedy florists + every “fancy” restaurant in the world to make you feel obliged to spend it with someone, or express yourself in some romantic/platonic/something way. Sounds like a lot of work and money, if you ask me.

Regardless, you may need some tunes to get you through the day. And that, my friends, is what I’m here for. Here’s an eclectic mix of tunes I hope brightens up your v-day. May you laugh, cry, smile, frown, jam, dance, whatever have you… and remember, it’s just another day on the good ol’ Gregorian calendar. (And that there will be sales on candy tomorrow. Someone mail me a box of kit kats, I’m in Morocco.)


sound spot: remembering whitney houston, remix style

It is two years to the day Whitney Houston, a great musical talent, left this world. But we certainly have a lot to remember her by: namely, a catalog of jammin’ tunes. In today’s technologically-fused world, things don’t always stay in the same state for very long. The same goes for music; covers and remixes are available all over the web, and though the original sounds should always be respected, it’s kind of fun seeing how others interpret the classics.

So, I present to you some of Whitney’s greatest … with a couple twists.

WHEN THE NIGHT KNOWS (Chromeo x Whitney Houston), The Hood Internet 

HOW WILL I KNOW, Oliver Nelson remix

MILLION DOLLAR BILL, Stereowaves remix 

I LEARNED FROM THE BEST, Stereowaves remix 

These last two aren’t remixes… just Whitney in all her glory.