Month: January 2014

thought spot: the joys of learning and a new year

Thinking about how amazing it is to learn.

When we are born, we have nothing. We are blank- tabula rasa. Without cultivation, only primal instinct drives us forward. It is pure luck that determines what world we are born into- the life you know could just as easily have been someone else’s, whether better or worse.

All my life, I’ve loved to read, and for most of that time I’ve also loved learning- yet there is so much about this world I do not know. It troubles me, but then I remember that there is room to learn, grow, and explore. Life, in my humble opinion, is meant to be a time where we indulge in our pleasures and joys, but also take the time to be genuine students of the world in which we live. That means making space for learning about culture, history, language, art, music, literature, geography, etc. And yes, sometimes it is hard. We don’t always have the time we think we need. But it is there.

I’m almost always overwhelmed by the amount of things I want to know more about. I never quite know where to begin. So I think up a question, a line of inquiry, a topic of interest. To find answers, I grab a book, read articles or wiki pages, watch videos, talk to friends, pick the brains of online gurus. I aim to see issues from as many angles as possible. Sometimes it ends, but oftentimes I find it’s a working body of facts, figures, and opinions.

Anyways, the conclusion I’ve come to is this: don’t die the same way you were born. Die with something. With purpose, with feeling, with conviction, with knowledge.

I wish all of you well in this upcoming year.